“Working as a refugee?!” – Integrating Refugees at Work

Integrating Refugees at work and in apprenticeships
Possibilities and help for the integration into the employment market
Apart from the language, education and work are the most important things for refugees’ integration. There are a lot of points to take care of in order to be allowed to work as a refugee.
There will be support for lots of questions and information concerning “Working as a refugee”. The event wants to present important hints for a successful plan and implementation of getting into the employment market.
Depending on the target group there will be different regulations and requirements.
Because the spots are limited you need to register at VHS Bochum before the 24th March under 0234 910 1555.
Course 41700
Ralf Grünning / Bernd Thyssen
Friday, 31st March from 2 to 5:30pm
VHS at BVZ, Clubraum
for free, 20 participants
Stadt Bochum
Komm An