Sewing Café

the monthly sewing Café moves from Wohlfahrtsstraße to the new refugee camp “Am Nordbad” beginning in March.
On Sunday the 5th of March from 1pm to 5pm, we gonna meet each other for sewing in building 1 of the refugee camp “Am Nordbad” (you can get there with 308/318 from Bochum’s main station to the station “Nordbad”). Everyone, who is interested in sewing or handcraft, is highly welcome. Together we will repare clothing, change clothing or sew it completely new. There will be sewing machines, fabric and other sewing utensils.
I’m looking forward to everyone who will be there – no matter if refugee or from Bochum.
Don’t hesitate to ask if anything isn’t clear.
Thank you
Sarah Mätzig
Stadt Bochum
Komm An