Hope for the future – refugees in Bochum

Hope for the future – refugees in Bochum
selfproduction in cooperation with Gewerkstatt gGmbH Bochum
Creating the own character artistically. Dreams of the future designed as a future box. Talking about similiartities: peace, wishes, plans and personal goals. This was the program from the Gewerkstatt gGmbh Bochum for 19 women and men who came as refugees from 10 different countries. During a 10-week course they learned the language, took computer lessons and cooking classes, got work experiences. This exhibition presents the artistic work made during the program.
Additionally, there are interviews with six participants – 4 men and 2 women – in which they answer questions about their origin, their flight and their hopes for the future. The exhibit underlines how import art is for the stabilisation. It display traumatic experiences and lots of hope for a fearfree and liveable future. Furthermore, it shows how the refugees communicated with each other and find their similarities. They took this opportunity gladly regardless of language and cultural differences.
Stadt Bochum
Komm An