Integrative swim course for refugees for young people age 17 (m/f), Max. 15 participants! Registration necessary!

Who offers?

The swimming club: “Blau-Weiß Bochum”


In the club own swimming pool in the Wiesental (Bochum-Weitmar) at

Am Wiesengrund 18 (The pool is only accessible on foot)



Thursday, 3.30 – 4.30 Uhr (60 Min + changing)

Period of time: 2. Quarter 2018 / End of easter holidays – Start of summer vacation (12.04 – 12.07.2018)


Who assists?

The course is held by a licensed swimming trainer with the ability to rescue.

An offer for who?

Refugees at age 17. // male or female

non-swimmers – amateur swimmers

Knowledge of German or English is necessary

Not more than 15 participants


Additional Informations:

Costs: lump sum of 50,00€/person per quarter

An additional, known companion is desirable. Knowledge of swimming is not necessary.

The 1. event is no actual course, but an introduction event to teach rules, clarify needed equipment and to get to know the course environment.

Any participant should have swimming clothes by the beginning of the course. Swimming clothes might be inquired at the club (donations).

In case of a successful proceeding within the course, further course possibilities will be discussed.

Contact person:

Horst Weinholz


Phone: +49 234 – 32 50 126

Geschäfststelle SV Blau-Weiß Bochum

Stadt Bochum
Komm An